Just Released A Minimalist Streaming Radio Player

I'm excited to share a software I've made in my free time - Qust, a simple and efficient streaming radio player. As someone who values minimalism and performance, I created Qust to provide a seamless streaming experience without the bloat.

Qust Player

What makes Qust special?

  • Native audio element: Qust leverages the power of native audio elements for low-resource playback, ensuring your streams play smoothly without hogging your system's resources.
  • Cartridge-loading concept: Inspired by old-school game cartridges, Qust features a platform-persistent loading and saving system for a seamless experience.
  • High-refresh rate audio visualizer: Enjoy precise sound representation with Qust's high-refresh rate audio visualizer.
  • Global shortcuts: Control Qust with ease using customizable global shortcuts (default: Ctrl + Alt + Insert / Ctrl + Alt + H).
  • Title metadata support: Get metadata for compatible streams, because sometimes you want to know what you're listening to.
  • Compatibility: Qust works with all HTTP streaming servers and supports Windows and MacOS, because streaming should be universal.

Why did I make Qust?

As a fan of streaming radio station, I was frustrated with the resource-intensive players available. I wanted a player that would provide a seamless experience without compromising on performance. Qust is the result of that quest - a minimalistic player that gets the job done efficiently.

Try Qust today!

If you're looking for a streaming player that values performance and simplicity, give Qust a try. You can download it from the link below.


Let me know what you think. As an open-source project, I welcome contributions and feedback from the community. Happy streaming!